MC-21 airplane can be certified by 2021 year-end

26 November 2020; Moscow, RUSSIA

Flights tests of MC-21 civil jet are underway since 2017

The Russian passenger jet MC-21 can be certified by the end of 2021 and the change in the earlier planned timeframe is associated with restrictions of other countries on supply of components and air travel of specialists, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told TASS in an interview on Friday.

“We hope to do this [the certification – TASS] by the end of the next year, considering all the challenges we face in this year. In the first instance, the postponement is due to restrictions introduced by foreign authorities in terms of operations of component supply enterprises and restrictions on air travel of specialists that participated in test flights and in startup of the equipment used to produce this airplane,” the minister said.

Flights tests of MC-21 civil jet are underway since 2017. Certification confirms the possibility of safe operation of the jet and it is impossible to deliver airplanes to air carriers without certificates. The certificate in Russia is issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Source: TASS

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