Il-114-300 airplane to make maiden flights in coming days

26 November 2020; Moscow, RUSSIA

The Il-114-300 is an airplane intended for local air routes

The first flight of the Il-114-300 turboprop passenger aircraft will take place in coming days, while first deliveries to customers are scheduled in 2023 as announced earlier, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told TASS in an interview on Friday.

“The first aircraft is actually on the airfield and is preparing for the maiden flight. This will take place actually in days to come. The second airplane is close to completion. We meet the timeframe that was outlined. We expect to have first supplies to Russian airlines from 2023,” the Minister said.

The Il-114-300 is an airplane intended for local air routes. The aircraft is scheduled to undergo certification in 2022 and its production will be up to 12 aircraft per year.

Source: TASS; Photo: Iliushin

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