Iberia Maintenance offers training course for A350 XWB certification

9 October 2020

  • From 22 October until 17 December
  • At the Maintenance Instruction Centre next to Iberia’s hangars at Madrid Airport
  • The Centre also gives courses for certification to service the A330 and the A320 “ceo” and “neo” models

Iberia Maintenance is offering aircraft maintenance technicians and other qualified applicants the opportunity to earn certification to work on the Airbus A350 XWB.

The training course, to be given in English, will begin on 22 October and end on 17 December, and consists of two units: 

–    Theory and practice with a simulator in the Airbus Competence Training classroom (240 hours)
–    Practice in actual aircraft (30 hours) 

Students who complete the course successfully will be awarded B1 (mechanical) and B2 (avionics) certification to work on the A350XWB, under EASA Part 147 standards. 

Those interested should send an email to

EASA-approved Instruction Centre

The Iberia Maintenance Instruction Centre is certified by EASA (Parts 147 and 145) and offers a wide range of courses for certification to service such aircraft as the A350 XWB (B1/B2), the A330 (B1/B2/C), the A320 ceo/neo (CFM56/V2500/PW1100/LEAP), and courses in aircraft differentiation, as well as courses to keep certifications up to date, initiation courses for authorisations and applied metrology, etc. 

In 2019, the Centre supplied more than 200,000 class hours of training, 57,500 of which corresponded to EASA Part 147.

Source and photo: Iberia

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