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CAA approvals for Flaris flight

5 October 2020, Zielona Góra, POLAND

The Civil Aviation Authority approved the flight test program of the FLARIS LAR1 business jet. The plane with registration number SP-YLE begins another round of flights.

 Last week, the CAA issued a permit to continue flight tests and evaluate the maximum speed of 200 kt  to a speed of KCAS 200 kn.  This means that at FL 310 (31000 ft = 9450 m) Flaris will be able to reach speeds exceeding TAS = 325 kn (600km/h).

Rafał Ładziński, producer of Flaris says:

We are glad that the Zielona Góra Airport has been reopened after a few months’ break related to the restrictions during COVID-19 and that we can now continue flight tests

The tests that are starting tomorrow are designed to record  the characteristics of the aircraft with the landing gear retracted. The tests are also intended to determine the plane’s performance, including acceleration of the airraft, evaluate its range, validate the predictions regarding its remarkable economical parameters, such as dramatically lower fuel consumption and three times lower operating costs compared to other VLJ aircraft.

LAR1 is designed to reach a cruising speed of Mach 0.72 at FL310, TAS = 430 kn (800 km/h).  The expected range of the aircraft is over 1900 Nm (3500km). 

Rafał Ładziński, the director of the Flaris project, says:

If the flight tests confirm our predictions about the plane’s performance, including a take-off run on a grass airstrip shorter than 300m, FLARIS LAR1 will set new standards for flexible, ultra-fast, economical and ecological flight profiles. During its maiden flight, at full capacity, we managed to confirm such a take-off run on a concrete airstrip of similar length. We expect to repeat this undoubted success

If the previous performance parameters of Flaris Lar 1 are confirmed, it will be the first jet in the world to offer private travel directly from point A to point B. This, it will allow for a more efficient use of thousands of small airports, grass airstrips and European aviation clubs.

Source and photo: Flaris

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