Aeroflot Group announces Operating Results for July 2020

25 August 2020, Moscow, RUSSIA

Aeroflot PJSC (Moscow Exchange ticker: AFLT) today announces operating results for Aeroflot Group (“the Group”) and Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (“the Company”) for July and 7M 2020.

7M 2020 Operating Highlights

In 7M 2020, Aeroflot Group carried 15.8 million passengers, 54.2% down year-on-year. Aeroflot airline carried 8.8 million passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 58.8%.

Group and Company RPKs decreased by 56.7% and 60.6% year-on-year, respectively. ASKs decrease by 49.6% year-on-year for the Group and by 51.9% year-on-year for the Company.  

The passenger load factor decreased by 11.5 p.p. year-on-year to 69.7% for Aeroflot Group and decreased by 14.2 p.p. to 64.6% for Aeroflot airline. 

July 2020 Operating Highlights

In July 2020, Aeroflot Group carried 2.9 million passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 54.5%. Aeroflot airline carried 1.0 million passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 72.2%. 

Group and Company RPKs were down 63.5% and 79.4% year-on-year, respectively. ASKs decrease by 58.3% for Aeroflot Group and by 74.4% for Aeroflot airline. 

Aeroflot Group’s passenger load factor was 78.7%, representing a 11.3 percentage point decrease versus the same period a year earlier. The passenger load factor at Aeroflot – Russian Airlines decreased by 17.2 percentage points year-on-year to 70.4%. 

Impact of coronavirus pandemic

In 7M and July 2020, operating results were affected by the dynamics of demand and significant flight restrictions imposed amid the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. Suspension 
of scheduled international flights and quarantine restrictions in Russia affected the decline in traffic indicators.

In July 2020 Aeroflot Group’s domestic traffic volumes continued to recover, the restoration of flights is accompanied by a progressive increase in the passenger load factor. According to the results of July, Pobeda airline reached the traffic levels of comparable period of last year.

In August Aeroflot began to gradually restore international regular flights. Flights to the UK and Turkey were opened.

Fleet update

In July 2020 Aeroflot airline phased out one Airbus А330-300 aircraft. As of 31 July 2020, Group and Company fleet had 359 and 245 aircraft, respectively.

 Net changes in the fleetNumber of aircraft
 July 20207M 2019as of 31.07.2020
Aeroflot Group-1359
Aeroflot airline-1245

Aeroflot Group Operating Results

 July 2020July 2019Change7M 20207M 2019Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX2,919.96,423.3(54.5%)15,847.034,618.4(54.2%)
– international27.72,838.9(99.0%)4,594.315,521.4(70.4%)
– domestic2,892.23,584.4(19.3%)11,252.719,097.0(41.1%)
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn5,970.516,378.5(63.5%)38,686.489,303.0(56.7%)
– international109.89,168.6(98.8%)16,954.252,699.6(67.8%)
– domestic5,860.67,209.9(18.7%)21,732.236,603.4(40.6%)
Available Seat Kilometres, mn7,586.018,197.2(58.3%)55,524.6110,080.4(49.6%)
– international233.610,467.4(97.8%)24,171.466,038.2(63.4%)
– domestic7,352.47,729.8(4.9%)31,353.244,042.3(28.8%)
Passenger load factor, %78.7%90.0%(11.3 p.p.)69.7%81.1%(11.5 p.p.)
– international47.0%87.6%(40.6 p.p.)70.1%79.8%(9.7 p.p.)
– domestic79.7%93.3%(13.6 p.p.)69.3%83.1%(13.8 p.p.)
Cargo and mail carried, tonnes17,761.328,392.1(37.4%)123,760.3170,545.5(27.4%)
– international3,354.615,180.0(77.9%)53,210.696,280.3(44.7%)
– domestic14,406.713,212.19.0%70,549.774,265.2(5.0%)
Revenue Cargo Tonne Kilometres, mn71.4116.4(38.7%)560.4707.0(20.7%)
– international19.170.7(72.9%)291.8444.1(34.3%)
– domestic52.245.714.3%268.6262.92.2%
Revenue Tonne Kilometres, mn608.71,590.4(61.7%)4,042.28,744.3(53.8%)
– international29.0895.9(96.8%)1,817.75,187.1(65.0%)
– domestic579.7694.6(16.5%)2,224.53,557.2(37.5%)
Available Tonne Kilometres, mn949.92,166.1(56.1%)7,025.613,090.0(46.3%)
– international86.61,245.5(93.1%)3,344.97,903.2(57.7%)
– domestic863.4920.6(6.2%)3,680.65,186.8(29.0%)
Revenue load factor, %64.1%73.4%(9.3)57.5%66.8%(9.3)
– international33.5%71.9%(38.4)54.3%65.6%(11.3)
– domestic67.1%75.4%(8.3)60.4%68.6%(8.1)
Revenue flights21,20241,236(48.6%)142,136256,519(44.6%)
– international40217,076(97.6%)38,509108,128(64.4%)
– domestic20,80024,160(13.9%)103,627148,391(30.2%)
Flight hours 50,235112,329(55.3%)375,450706,252(46.8%)

Aeroflot – Russian Airlines Operating Results

 July 2020July 2019Change7M 20207M 2019Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX1,034.73,690.6(72.0%)8,842.121,486.1(58.8%)
– international26.21,929.7(98.6%)3,505.211,248.1(68.8%)
– domestic1,008.61,760.8(42.7%)5,336.910,237.9(47.9%)
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn2,055.39,974.9(79.4%)23,189.058,794.5(60.6%)
– international101.66,726.3(98.5%)12,961.940,121.9(67.7%)
– domestic1,953.73,248.6(39.9%)10,227.218,672.6(45.2%)
Available Seat Kilometres, mn2,919.811,391.8(74.4%)35,902.274,579.6(51.9%)
– international223.87,854.1(97.2%)19,385.451,578.9(62.4%)
– domestic2,696.03,537.7(23.8%)16,516.823,000.6(28.2%)
Passenger load factor, %70.4%87.6%(17.2 p.p.)64.6%78.8%(14.2 p.p.)
– international45.4%85.6%(40.3 p.p.)66.9%77.8%(10.9 p.p.)
– domestic72.5%91.8%(19.4 p.p.)61.9%81.2%(19.3 p.p.)
Cargo and mail carried, tonnes9,682.818,613.3(48.0%)86,068.7118,671.9(27.5%)
– international3,307.512,865.3(74.3%)46,882.982,081.4(42.9%)
– domestic6,375.35,747.910.9%39,185.836,590.57.1%
Revenue Cargo Tonne Kilometres, mn44.786.3(48.2%)433.5541.8(20.0%)
– international18.864.5(70.9%)266.9401.9(33.6%)
– domestic26.021.918.8%166.6139.819.1%
Revenue Tonne Kilometres, mn229.7984.1(76.7%)2,520.55,833.3(56.8%)
– international27.9669.8(95.8%)1,433.44,012.9(64.3%)
– domestic201.8314.2(35.8%)1,087.01,820.4(40.3%)
Available Tonne Kilometres, mn404.21,375.1(70.6%)4,694.38,976.2(47.7%)
– international83.1962.8(91.4%)2,752.86,303.0(56.3%)
– domestic321.0412.3(22.1%)1,941.52,673.2(27.4%)
Revenue load factor, %56.8%71.6%(14.7 p.p.)53.7%65.0%(11.3 p.p.)
– international33.6%69.6%(36.0 p.p.)52.1%63.7%(11.6 p.p.)
– domestic62.9%76.2%(13.4 p.p.)56.0%68.1%(12.1 p.p.)
Revenue flights9,39625,692(63.4%)89,471168,255(46.8%)
– international38012,525(97.0%)31,23482,629(62.2%)
– domestic9,01613,167(31.5%)58,23785,626(32.0%)
Flight hours 21,52472,499(70.3%)245,220482,663(49.2%)

Source and photo: Aeroflot

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