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KLM will fly to Hangzhou again

21 August 2020, Amsteelven, NETHERLANDS

As of August 27, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will fly again to the Chinese city of Hangzhou. For the time being, it concerns 1 passenger flight per week, which will be operated via Seoul Incheon (South Korea) with a Boeing 777-200. KLM is making every effort to add a second frequency as soon as possible.

KLM’s passenger flights to mainland China were suspended at the beginning of February in connection with COVID-19. Thanks to relaxation of travel restrictions by the Chinese government, KLM was able to resume passenger flights to Shanghai on 21 July. The passenger flight to Hangzhou is now added as the second Chinese destination. KLM has continued to transport cargo to and from China.

The flight schedule is as follows:

  • KL 0857 departs from Amsterdam on Thursday at 18.55 hrs and arrives in Seoul Incheon at 12.25 hrs the next day. KL 0821 departs from Seoul Incheon at 13.50 hrs and arrives in Hanghzou at 15.00 hrs.
  • KL 0822 departs from Hangzhou on Friday at 18.50 hrs and arrives in Seoul Incheon at 21.55 hrs. KL 0858 departs from Seoul Incheon on Saturday at 00.25 hrs and arrives in Amsterdam at 04.45 hrs.

All times are local.

Source and photo: KLM

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