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The Bell Boeing V-22, according to the warfighters who rely on it

19 August 2020, Fort Worth, USA

Combining unparalleled tiltrotor technology with proven results is how the Bell Boeing V-22 thrills customers across the globe. This highly sought-after platform has revolutionized aerospace missions, increased versatility and made transportation quicker. Today, the aircraft captures the attention of several nations as a must-have asset for their fleets.  See what the users of Bell Boeing V-22 are saying about how it enhanced their mission accomplishment:

“The Osprey completely changed how we operated. The demand became to use the Ospreys throughout Iraq because it could go through Iraq in one day easily, and just run around the battlespace.  It changed completely how we used our heliborne assets.” – Major General (Rtd.) Walsh

The Bell Boeing V-22 flight hours amassed from the U.S. Marine Corps and other armed forces have proven the platform’s ability to enhance many different operations. For vast countries such as Indonesia, a wide archipelago, an asset like the V-22 could streamline humanitarian missions due to its range, payload and speed.

Source and photo: Bell

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