Rostec will develop new systems for the SSJ-New aircraft

12 August 2020, Moscow, RUSSIA

Rostec State Corporation creates a number of systems for future aircraft SSJ-New. The airliner will receive the improved landing gear, new oxygen systems, and engine vibration control system. The contracts for their development and testing were concluded between the enterprises of the Technodinamika holding and the Irkut corporation.

The engine vibration control system is developed by using the latest technologies for designing automatic control systems for power units. This system is designed to engine monitoring and prevention engine malfunctions. The SSJ-New will also be equipped with a new landing gear with improved damping and parameter control system. Advanced gear design will make landing more comfortable for passengers and crew.

In addition, the liner will receive new oxygen equipment with built-in barometric pressure alarms. The system is designed to prevent oxygen starvation of passengers and crew during emergency depressurization at altitudes up to 12,000 m. Oxygen equipment can also be used for preventive oxygen supply to the crew members under normal flight conditions.

“Rostec holdings will cooperate to carry out work aimed at reducing the number of imported components in the production of Superjet. In this sense, the SSJ-New will be an entirely new aircraft, with the latest development of the domestic systems. It is planned to start testing prototypes of engine vibration control systems and oxygen equipment next year, ”said Anatoly Serdyukov, industrial director of the aviation complex of Rostec State Corporation.

The concluded agreements provide for the development, manufacture, testing and technical support of equipment at all stages of liners production and exploitation. The development of technical projects is underway now. Later, the enterprises of corporation will start manufacturing prototypes and testing its systems at the “Electronic Bird” flight simulator parts.

Technodinamika holding implements a wide range of projects aimed at creating domestic aviation systems that meet the requirements of international quality standards. We widely use digital technologies and the latest electronic components of domestic production. This allows us to create units that will not be inferior, but surpass foreign analogues in a number of parameters. The first stages of the tests carried out confirmed the declared characteristics of the systems and the conformity of the parameters, “said Igor Nasenkov, General Director of the Technodinamika holding.

Source: Rostec; Photo: Superjet International; Translate: Katerina Moroz

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