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ANA to temporarily change service on select international routes due to the coronavirus as of July 14, 2020

14 July 2020, Tokyo, JAPAN

  • Overall, approximately 90% of flights (compared to initial plans) will be suspended through August.
  • Operations for Haneda=Taipei (Songshan), Ho Chi Minh City, Washington DC, and Paris will be resumed, and the number of flights connecting Narita=Manila, New York, and Haneda=Frankfurt will be increased.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will temporarily change its flight frequency to and from select cities. Based on changes to immigration control, recently instituted public health quarantine measures and passenger demand trends of each country due to the widespread impact of COVID-19, we have decided to further suspend or reduce flights for select routes through August.

In the future, ANA will continue to take appropriate measures and will resume operations based on the entry and quarantine measures in effect at each destination, while remaining mindful of the needs of those seeking to return to their home countries or their families as well as those traveling for business needs. In addition, ANA is committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of all its valued passengers and our employees by providing customers with clean and hygienic environments in airports, lounges and onboard aircraft through “ANA Care Promise”, our new standard for air travel. We will continue our efforts to ensure the safety and comfort for all passengers flying with ANA.

Changes to the FY2020 Summer Schedule (July 1 – 31)
A total of 16 flights serving 3 routes will be affected by the changes announced today.


Additional Announcements as of today:

Changes to the FY2020 Summer Schedule (August 1 – 31)


Today’s announcement is marked in yellow and unaffected flights are marked in grey.

Asia / Oceania

North America / Panpacific


Flight schedule for Narita = Hong Kong (NH1929/1930)

ANA will continue to closely monitor the situation and will take appropriate action when needed to reassure our customers and employees that ANA is taking every precaution to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

For further information on our special handling measures regarding ticket reservations and other COVID-19 related matters, please refer to the link below:

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