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Ameco completes the FAA certificate integration successfully

26 July 2020, Beijing, CHINA

On July 1, Ameco completed all tasks in each stage of the FAA maintenance certificate integration, and obtained the new Air Agency Certificate FAA authorized.

This is the first important maintenance certificate that Ameco obtained from the international authorities after the company obtained the first “multiple certificates unification” maintenance certificate approved by CAAC on May 20, 2019.

It took one year and a half for Ameco to integrate FAA certificate in terms of the plan, activity and then verification.

Faced with the impact of COVID-19, the integration team developed new ideas, changed the strategies and adjusted the transition plan. Discussing with FAA in various ways and reporting the progress. FAA took the verification audits and reviews on the MRO capabilities of Ameco respectively at Beijing and Chengdu by the remote video.

The integration of FAA certificate of Ameco further expanded its permitted scope of MRO business under the multiple-certificate system, and enhanced its MRO capability and market competitiveness, which laid a foundation for Ameco to keep on expanding its international MRO business.

Source and photo: Ameco

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